Paulette Sanders


Mrs. Sanders envisioned StoppingPressureOnTeens  in 1998 during Criminal Justice class, while at the time volunteering at a Domestic Violence Shelter "WSLB".   During her 17 year journey of advocating for the community of Domestic Violence, her Lord and Savior began to guide her into pursuing her dreams of giving back to her community. She'd accepted the commitment of the "Neighborhood Leadership Program" becoming Alumni of 2014, a decision participant under the Long Beach Innovation iTeam and Long Beach Safe Communities Committee. She has given numerous hours of her volunteered time to community projects; enhancing the appearance of blithe areas, cleanliness, and community safety.      

Everyone beautifies a community.

About Us

Educational Parent Advocate, Professional Development Trainer and National Coalition of Title I, "Serving God and being able to Educate Parents has been some of her greatest Blessings thus far". 

   David "Skip" Spencer

​               Treasurer

A dream team to hand out dream results.

Serving  God is priority in life for  Deacon Spencer. Holding over 20 years of financial experience along with leading others into the path of our Lord and Savior, a blessed and giving heart are only few of his many gifts.    

To GOD Be All The Glory!!

Our mission is to alleviate pressure through guidance, mentorship, and preserverance which lead our communities into a new approach before and after tragedy strikes.

         Erma Lardydell

​                 Advisor

Queen Bathsheba '"Elizabethan Palace #44", a native of the "Deep South" where truth, honesty, and integrity is first in life. Her enlightening and rewarding career of working with"Special Needs" children retiring in 2011 has been a blessing. God has blessed her to work faithfully in service and she's so grateful for working in service for the Lord!


StoppingPressure On Teens
It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our services is reaching out to as many communities as it can so kids everywhere have access to our free services. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

Dorothy Simmons

​           Secretary